Wednesday, 22 August 2018

The Gboard Google Keyboard Mini Series

In this Mini Series, we take a look at the Google Keyboard Gboard. This series was born out of the simple idea how when I type I hit the emoji key by accident - I went looking for a solution and in the process found a whole interesting bag full of nice surprises.

As an overview, expect these topics:
- Themes (Part 1)
- Preferences
- Emoji Hide
- sounds: type, backspace, enter
- Physical Keyboard with Virtual Overlay
- Alt for Emoji on Physical
- Space Bar Swipe, backspace swipe

As usual, I'm using Android 7.0 on a Moto G4

#TheMikeDownesPage #Android #GBoard #Keyboard

If you need it, Gboard - the Google Keyboard

Our mobile keyboard is one of the main ways we communicate and record ourselves, for some fascinating background go take a look at The Typewriter (In the 21st Century) and you can also watch the trailer


The Zoom H2n Mini Series

Having purchased a new Zoom H2n on the 11 July 2018, it's now been 30 days of learning and testing. Here's a small mini series with plenty of examples - four videos with total play time of 25 minutes.

The Zoom H2n as a model was launched in 2011, so not a new item at all - yet I would say an ESSENTIAL device if you are passionate about audio recording.

Of course if you follow this blog and my youtube channel, you will have seen I bought a Zoom H1 in 2013. And a lot of audio for me has been recording with my Moto G4 inbuilt microphone.

There are a few more paragraphs and links at the bottom of each video.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

The Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 15 Mini Series - The Freedom and Autonomy to Create

In this post we are going to explore Desktop Video Editing.

Videos 1 to 6 on the playlist are the Mini Series to help you learn while the remainder give some background on how to use Vegas Movie Studio.

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